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British Boy, 7, Killed In Alps Ski Tragedy

Written By Unknown on Minggu, 12 April 2015 | 00.57

A seven-year-old British boy has died in a skiing accident in the French Alps.

The child, who had been on a family holiday in the resort of Flaine in the Haute Savoie region, went over a cliff after straying off piste, emergency services told news agency AFP.

Some reports suggested the boy got lost after attempting the final descent of the day on his own.

Others said he got separated from the group after taking a wrong turn, while skiing with the rest of the group. 

An emergency services spokesman said: "He hit a rocky outcrop, then fell 50 to 100 metres (160ft to 320ft)."

His desperate mother raised the alarm at 7pm on Friday, said reports.

The child's body was found by a rescue helicopter, about two hours after the fall, according to reports in French media.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: "We can confirm the death of a British national in Flaine, France, on April 10.

"We are providing consular assistance to the family at this difficult time."

An investigation by French authorities is under way.

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Miliband Hits Out At Cameron Over NHS Pledge

Ed Miliband has hit out at David Cameron's pledge to pump an extra £8bn a year into the NHS by 2020, warning the PM: "You can't fund the NHS on an IOU."

The Labour leader was speaking after the Prime Minister pledged to protect the NHS by meeting its funding needs "in full".

Mr Cameron has promised to fund the five-year reform plan put forward by NHS chief executive Simon Stevens by providing at least an extra £8bn a year for the health service by 2020.

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This will mean that over-75s will be guaranteed same-day access to GPs, patients will be able to see doctors out of regular office hours and the NHS will provide a full range of services seven days a week, according to Mr Cameron.

But Mr Miliband said: "We've seen five years of failure and broken promises from David Cameron on the NHS."

He added: "The truth is - you can't save the NHS if you don't know where the money is coming from.

"You can only damage the NHS when you are planning colossal cuts in public spending year after year after year, which is what this Tory government is planning.

"The choice is clear: a funded Labour plan for more doctors, nurses and midwives - or unfunded promises from a Tory party that has a record of breaking its word."

Labour has published a mini-manifesto on the NHS, which includes a new right to a dedicated midwife before and after childbirth.

Mr Miliband said this would be made possible by recruiting 3,000 extra midwives.

The party has already committed to providing an extra £2.5bn of health spending on top of the budgets provided by the Government to pay for more doctors, nurses and other health workers.

This would be paid for through taxes on expensive properties and tobacco companies and a crackdown on tax avoidance, the party claims.

In an effort to keep the pressure on Mr Cameron and the Tories about how they would fund the pledge, Labour tweeted a video of an exchange at Prime Minister's Questions earlier this year in which Mr Cameron said the "real risk" to the NHS was "unfunded spending commitments".

When pressed by Sky's Anushka Asthana on how the Conservatives would fund the plan Mr Cameron did not go into specifics, but he said the pledge was possible "because we have a strong economy and because we have taken the long-term decisions necessary to put the NHS first".

He said: "I want an NHS that continues to expand and improve and provide great care, that continues to save lives.

"It's always been there for me and my family and I want it there for everyone's families."

Mr Miliband was pressed to say if he would commit his party to matching the £8bn pledge, but he declined.

Conservative Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Labour would put the future of the health service "at risk" because it would not match Tory funding commitments or their long-term economic plan.

Sky's Health Correspondent Thomas Moore said the Conservative commitment to fund the NHS is no more or less unfunded than Labour's.

He said: "The Tories are banking on growing tax receipts by the Treasury as wages rise with the recovery. No guarantees there.

"Labour is banking on a mansion tax (verified £1.2bn), a tobacco tax (no details yet) and a crackdown on tax avoidance (always difficult to guarantee because the rich employ clever accountants."

Funding of the health service has emerged as one of the key issues of the campaign.

Mr Stevens predicted in a report in October that, if health spending rose only at the rate of inflation, growing demand for care would leave the NHS in England with a £30bn funding gap by 2020.

He said around £22bn of that could be met through "efficiencies", but the remainder would have to come from government funds.

Until now, only the Liberal Democrats had committed to finding the extra money.

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One Dead As Stolen Ambulance Collides With Bus

The driver of a stolen ambulance has been killed after the vehicle crashed into a double-decker bus near York.

The person driving the ambulance - who police believe was not a paramedic or a member of ambulance staff - was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the bus and five of its 16 passengers were taken to hospital after the collision on the A64, near the Flaxton junction, about 8.30pm.

Their injuries were not life-threatening.

Another person, travelling in a Toyota Yaris with one other, was taken to hospital as a precaution.

The A64 has now reopened, North Yorkshire police said.

Traffic sergeant Ian Pope said that police had been looking for the stolen vehicle for 20 minutes when they were notified of the collision.

The search began at 8.10pm on Friday when the ambulance, which was privately owned and did not belong to Yorkshire Ambulance Service, was reported stolen.

Police have urged anyone who witnessed the crash or saw either of the vehicles beforehand to contact police and quote reference number 556 of 10 April.

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CCTV Pictures Show Gang Raiding Jewel Vault

Police have released CCTV pictures of a van and three suspects wanted in connection with the Hatton Garden jewel heist.

Scotland Yard described the men as "highly audacious" and said they entered the building in London's jewellery quarter twice over Easter.

The images were released after footage reportedly showing the gang raiding the safety deposit boxes was published by the Daily Mirror.

The 17-minute video purportedly shows at least six men arriving at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit company's building on Good Friday.

The Daily Mirror, which obtained the footage, reported that the group made two separate visits before leaving in a white van on Easter Sunday with the contents of 72 safety deposit boxes in wheelie bins and bags.

Scotland Yard is examining the footage, and has insisted it was already aware of the video before it was published by the newspaper.

The spokesman added the force had "not made any links" between the heist and an underground fire in the Holborn area which caused widespread power outages and road closures.

Detective chief inspector Paul Johnson said the images released on Saturday showed the suspects accessed the premises using a side door.

He said: "They were highly audacious entering on two occasions over that weekend, firstly on Thursday, 2 April at 20.19 before leaving the following morning at approximately 08.12.

"They then returned over a day later on Saturday, 4 April at approximately 22.17 before leaving the following morning at approximately 06.44.

"This footage, along with other material, was already recovered by police at the earliest opportunity, and continues to be evaluated to capture the precise movements of the suspects."

DCI Johnson said officers were continuing to collect CCTV from the area where the raid took place, and appealed for nearby businesses and anyone else in possession of footage to make contact.

Police are also continuing to investigate why a call from a security firm about the alarm was graded in a way that meant officers did not consider it worthy of a response.

It was not until Tuesday morning that the raid - one of Britain's biggest - was discovered.

The Daily Mirror footage is from a camera that centres on a doorway, with an adjacent intercom, at the bottom of a set of stairs that leads to the street.

A number of men appear wearing high-visibility jackets, hard hats, gloves and dust masks, and carrying orange tool boxes and holdalls.

Others in the group are dressed in blue overalls and gloves.

Three men with their faces covered are seen taking wheelie bins in and out of the building.

A white van is seen pulling up shortly before 7am on Sunday, the newspaper reported, and once the bins and bags are loaded into it, the group get in and drive away.

Police have insisted it is too early to say if the handling of the call about the alert would have had an impact on the outcome.

But the revelations have led to anger from potential victims, who spoke of their shock that the police "just weren't there".

The police could face compensation claims running into millions because officers failed to respond to the alarm, it has also been claimed.

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Oxford Win Historic Women's Boat Race

Oxford have beaten Cambridge to win the women's Boat Race, the first to take place on the same course and the same day as the men's race.

Taking control from the start at Putney on the Thames, Oxford's eight quickly moved a boat's length clear and never faltered during the 6,800-metre slog to Chiswick Bridge.

They finished 19 seconds ahead of their rivals.

The women's race has been held since 1927 further up river at Henley, but after years of campaigning for equal billing they were finally given equality with the men.

It was sporting history for rowing and was described as "hugely significant" by Sarah Winckless, Olympic bronze medallist and former world champion.

Speaking ahead of the Putney to Mortlake race, she said: "It's an amazing opportunity for these women.

"They can stand side by side with men. We've seen it, in the London Olympics 2012 when the women came home with the gold medals we've been hoping for."

What's made this year's race possible was not a sudden increase in female interest, strength or ability. Rewind almost 90 years and you'll see women rowing with passion.

Oxbridge female rowing crews began competing against each other in 1927, but then they were not fighting to win.

It was deemed unladylike and vulgar to race against each other and instead the teams were made to row separately and were judged on their time, grace and style. The battle they did have was to wear shorts rather than skirts.

It took about 40 years until the women's boat race became an annual fixture at Henley, a much shorter and easier course than the men's.

The reason it now follows the same tough 4.2 mile (6.7 km) course on River Thames' Tideway is simple -  money.

Until this year the boat race has been a male-dominated tradition, but thanks to the sponsorship and support of a London-based company the women's team will get equal funding to the men.

Winckless thinks this will change the race dramatically.

"For me, the sponsorship from Newton Investment Management is an absolute step change," she said.

"These women can now have professional coaches, they can have training camps paid for and they are not paying for their kit.

"When I was a Cambridge blue in the boat race we had to scrape together money to pay for our own kit and rely on volunteers to coach us.

"Hopefully now we will see women learning from this Tideway course and coming back year after year."

Helena Morrissey is chief executive of Newton Investment Management and helped get the course moved to the Tideway.

She told Sky News the changes were a "breakthrough" and "something to celebrate".

Ms Morrissey - who is also the founder of the 30% Club, which campaigns to have 30% of women on FTSE 100 boards by the end of this year - said people were keen to see the women row the same course as the men.

But she said there were "some pockets of resistance".

"There were worries that the men's race would lose out, so it was really important that we found a way through that," she said.

While some barriers are being broken in the boat race, critics argue it is still an exclusive, elitist and even irrelevant event.

This year's race will however mark a small victory for women in sport - not only for the women rowing but for all those women who rowed before them.

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Obama And Castro Share Historic Handshake

US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro have greeted each other at a summit in Panama - a symbolically-charged gesture, as the pair seek to restore ties between their countries.

For Barack Obama this will surely be amongst the highlights of his presidential legacy.

He's in Panama for a gathering of leaders from across the Americas - but it's a meeting that has taken place on the sidelines of the summit which will attract the headlines.

That meeting has taken place with Raul Castro.

Touching down in Panama City, even getting invited is a first for the Cuban President - after half a century in exile for his communist country.

The two men had spoken by phone - hours before they were due to meet.

It was only the second conversation between the leaders of the US and Cuba in 50 years.

Four months ago Mr Castro and Mr Obama simultaneously announced an ending of hostilities.

President Obama said starkly: "Fifty years of isolation hasn't worked."

It was quite a statement. But words come easy to the eloquent president. Now it's time to show Cuba has come in from the cold.

The handshake between the two leaders is symbolic proof of that.

It isn't technically the first time they have shaken hands.

There is a grainy image of them fleetingly meeting at the Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa in 2013.

But this time the handshake is supposed to mean more because it comes after the leaders' December declaration of a new beginning.

Speaking in Panama, President Obama said: "As we move towards the process of normalisation, we'll have our differences government to government with Cuba on many issues, just as we differ at times with other nations within the Americas, just like we differ with our closest allies, there is nothing wrong with that.

"But I am here to say when we do speak out we're going to do so, because the United States of America does believe, and will always stand for, a certain set of universal values."

And that means probably taking Cuba off America's designated list of state sponsors of terrorism. Something which infuriates Cuba.

The rapprochement will also open the door towards loans and aid for Cuba after decades of a crippling trade embargo. And that is a move worth its weight in gold.

Fidel Castro came to power in 1959 after overthrowing the US-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista.

For half a century, the leader of the first communist country in the western hemisphere was a thorn in America's side.

In 2006 after abdominal surgery he started the transfer of power to his brother Raul who took the landmark step in 2014 of appearing with the US  President.

Removing Cuba from the terror list will be a major step if ties really are to be rebuilt between the US and Cuba.

An historic moment after 50 years which has seen America try to isolate Cuba and finally acknowledge it as a neighbour.

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Muslim Brotherhood Leader Sentenced To Death

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and 13 other senior members of the group have been sentenced to death for inciting violence and unrest in Egypt.

The court in Cairo also sentenced US-Egyptian citizen Mohamed Soltan to life in jail for supporting the Brotherhood and spreading false news.

Soltan, who is on hunger strike, is the son of Brotherhood preacher Salah Soltan, who was among those sentenced to death on Saturday.

Judge Mohamed Nagy Shehata also handed life terms to 23 other Brotherhood members.

The defendants were among thousands of Brotherhood supporters arrested after the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

They were accused of plotting unrest from their headquarters in a sprawling Cairo protest camp after the Islamist leader was toppled.

The Rabaa al Adawiya camp was dispersed by police in August 2013 after a 12-hour operation that left hundreds of protesters and 10 policemen dead.

It came after weeks of failed European and US-brokered negotiations with the Brotherhood, who insisted on Mr Morsi's return to power.

Mr Morsi was the country's first freely-elected president and ruled for a year before he was ousted.

President Abdel Fattah al Sisi, the former army chief who toppled him, then won an election and has vowed to eradicate the Brotherhood, which he calls a terrorist organisation.

The group is blamed for a string of militant attacks that have killed dozens of policemen and soldiers.

The deadliest attacks took place in the Sinai Peninsula and Cairo.

The Muslim Brotherhood claims it is committed to peaceful activism and had nothing to do with the bloodshed.

The men's sentences can be appealed before Egypt's highest civilian court, the Court of Cassation, in a process that could take years to reach a final verdict.

The mass trials have drawn international criticism of Egypt's judicial system.

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Lightning Strike Jet Was Just Seconds From Crash

A passenger plane pulled out of a terrifying nosedive with just seven seconds to spare after being hit by lightning in Scotland, says an air accident report.

The Loganair flight, carrying 30 passengers and three crew members, was moments away from crashing into the North Sea before the pilot wrested back control.

The island-hopping Saab 2000 was flying from Aberdeen to Sumburgh Airport, Shetland, when it hit a snow storm with 70mph winds, an interim report by the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) said.

The 42-year-old pilot decided to abort his approach when he was seven miles away, and the plane was then struck by lightning which travelled from the nose to the tail of the aircraft.

He and the co-pilot wrongly believed the autopilot system had disengaged and struggled to regain control of the plane as it plunged at high speed.

As the co-pilot declared a mayday, the pilot kept trying to gain height - but every move was countered by the autopilot.

When it fell to 4,000ft, the plane suddenly pitched nose down and started falling at 158ft per second.

At 1,100ft - giving the crew just seven seconds to act before the plane crashed into the waves - 'pull-up' alarms sounded, the captain applied full power and the aircraft finally started to climb.

The plane landed safely in Aberdeen, with only minor damage.

No passengers were injured, but many were left shaken by the incident, which took place on the night of 14 December.

Passenger Shona Manson told the Daily Telegraph: "It was really, really bumpy. If it was someone who's a bad flyer, it'd be their worst nightmare.

"We were on descent and I said to my partner, we're going back up again, and just as we started to go up again there was an almighty bang and a flash that went over the left wing.

"Then we were really ascending, and at that point there were a few folk looking around going 'Oh my God, what's happening?' The poor guy across the aisle from me just had eyes like rabbits in headlights."

The report said the crew may have thought the lighting strike had disabled the autopilot because other controls had stopped working.

But it was still functioning and trying to descend to its instructed level for the landing.

The AAIB report said: "Although the pilots' actions suggested that they were under the impression the autopilot had disengaged at the moment of the lightning strike, recorded data showed that it had remained engaged."

It said it had not identified any technical malfunction which might account for the incident, and the investigation is continuing, looking at crew training, autopilot design, and any "human factors".

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Aspell Wins Back-To-Back Grand Nationals

Leighton Aspell has won successive Grand Nationals after riding 25-1 shot Many Clouds to victory at Aintree.

He is the first jockey to win back-to-back Nationals since Brian Fletcher on Red Rum in 1973 and 1974 - and the first to do so on different horses since the 1950s.

It meant there was no fairytale ending for the retiring AP McCoy, who the bookies will have been relieved to see finish fifth.

Saint Are was a close second, Monbeg Dude third and Alvarado fourth.

More than nine million people were expected to watch the biggest race in the calendar, while some £150m of bets were anticipated. 

Aspell, who won last year on Pineau de Re, said of his Oliver Sherwood-trained horse: "He's the best ride I've had over these fences, he was awesome.

"It was wonderful and we will certainly celebrate tonight. I asked some big questions, but he dug deep.

"He is all heart - all season he has had hard races.

"Win lose or draw, that's the best ride I have had in the National. I just hoped his battery life lasted out and it did."

Many Clouds was said to have had a "wobble" after the race but recovered quickly.

Owner Trevor Hemmings, for whom this was a third win, said: "I'm almost speechless but what a wonderful feeling."

All 39 horses were thought to be okay afterwards despite several heavy falls.

A total of 19 completed the four-and-a-half mile race.

The team behind Many Clouds collected £561,300 for victory, with second getting £211,100 and third £105,500.

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Murray And Sears Marry In Star's Home Town

Andy Murray has married his long-term girlfriend Kim Sears in the tennis star's Scottish home town.

The couple exchanged vows in front of family and friends at Dunblane Cathedral and as they left, guests lined the path and threw confetti.

The newlyweds, both 27, waved to crowds as the rain held off despite earlier showers and hailstones.

They then got into a grey car decked with ribbons and will attend a reception at Cromlix House, the hotel owned by the top sportsman.

Murray donned a blue and green kilt as he arrived at the cathedral along with his brother Jamie, one of three best men along with friends Ross Hutchins and Carlos Mier.

Sussex-born Sears, who has been dating the tennis player for nine years, wore an embroidered white gown with three-quarter-length sleeves and a long veil.

She was accompanied by four bridesmaids in long pink gowns.

Guests included Murray's parents Judy and William, grandparents Shirley and Roy Erskine, and former British tennis number one Tim Henman,

Crowds of fans gathered outside, along with hundreds of people from the media, hoping to secure a prime view of the action.

Weather conditions were fairly windy as Sears arrived for the ceremony conducted by Reverend Colin Renwick.

The British number one had tweeted a picture of an umbrella in what appears to be a preview of the day in emojis on his Twitter account.


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    Andy Murray tweeted a preview of the wedding in symbols on his Twitter account

Local shops in Dunblane High Street are putting up decorations in support of local boy Andy Murray ahead of his wedding to Kim Sears at Dunblane Cathedral

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